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which this innocent little joke was going to have
on this untutored young Indian.

Almighty Voice was the grandson of Chief One
Arrow, who led the Duck Lake Indians in the
North-West Rebellion of a few years before, and
the son of Sounding Sky, one of the most redoubt-
able fighters in this last rebellion against the
whites, who was still looked upon by the mounted
police as the most dangerous Indian of that part
of the North-West.

Reared in the primitive adventurous environ-
ment of the Indian of that day, Almighty Voice
had become famed throughout the region as a
runner, a hunter, and a man of indomitable
courage and independence. Altogether, he was
dauntless, resourceful, physically powerful, and *
enduring; a young warrior who could well justify
the alarm which his reappearance had now aroused
throughout the white settlements of that vast open

It was in the afternoon when Corporal Dickson
told Almighty Voice that 'he was going to be
hanged'. That night in the little mounted-police
guard-house, which still stands at Duck Lake,
Saskatchewan, the mounted police chained Al-
mighty Voice to a heavy iron ball and left him to
roll up in his Indian blanket and go to sleep on the
floor of the guardroom. Corporal Dickson was
on duty to watch him until midnight; then he was